We offer the cheapest and most reliable back up and solar system with 24hrs online support. Over 100 homes and offices have been backed-up  and powered by our great team of solar installation technicians.

Our range of pure sine wave inverters are capable of providing power back up that will sustain domestic and office equipment.

The 800VA – 3.5KVA inverters offer enough capacity to meet an average households basic needs in terms of light points, fans, TV, laptops(PC), printers, fridge, deep freezers, air conditioners, etc.

Also the high output (5KVA -7.5KVA) and heavy duty capacity (10KVA-50KVA) digital pure sine wave offer dependable power backup for your data center, telecommunication equipment and networks, supermarket check out, systems, LAN nodes, programmable logic control system, sophisticated medical equipment, lightening system, production units and all kinds of high capacity or sensitive power back up projects.

Our high quality mono-crystalline & poly chrystalline solar modules are all above 20 years life span. While the GEL/AGM batteries coupled with PWM/MPPT charge controllers come with international and son cap certifications.